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Read our PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric review (this product was also once called NutriThrive).

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As a separate, identifiable substance, curcumin was first isolated in 1815.In addition to turmeric as a culinary spice, its has been used traditionally in India as a disinfectant and treatment for laryngitis, bronchitis, and diabetes.The Golden paste is a turmeric-based paste that taken orally provides health benefits to humans as well as animals (dogs and horses).Take your dips and spreads to the next level with the addition of turmeric.

This premium spice is ideal to spice up ordinary chicken dishes or plain casseroles.

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I purchase it in powdered form here as it is a great value and I am extremely impressed with its quality.Turmeric is an ancient spice, a native of south east Asia, used from antiquity as dye and a condiment.Finding pure, 100% organic turmeric powder in your local grocery store can be a challenge and perhaps even impossible if the area in which you live does not have a specialty food store, health food store, or supplement store.This video provides a planting guide and demonstration of the planting of turmeric for the home gardener.

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The plant grows to a height of 0.9 to 1.5 m and bears large, oblong leaves and funnel-shaped, dull-yellow flowers.

Turmeric is derived from the rhizomes, or underground stems, of the plant Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family.Or try stirring McCormick Ground Turmeric into scrambled eggs, frittatas, or vegetable soups.

McCormick Ground Turmeric, with its trademark bright yellow color and peppery aroma, is wonderful addition to many dishes.It should be labeled as standardized turmeric extract or the compound, curcumin.

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Over the past several years, numerous studies have emerged on the benefits of Turmeric and on its anti-cancerous preventative properties.Organic turmeric powder is produced from the rhizomes (underground stems) of Curcuma longa.

It is responsible for the yellow color of Indian curry and American mustard.Turmeric is available in powdered form as a culinary spice, and in tablets and capsules as medicinal extracts.

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Curcumin is the yellow pigment in turmeric, a flowering plant of the ginger family best known as a spice used notably in curry.

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