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They are a great fitness tool to improve strength, balance, and cardio endurance at your home workouts or in the gym.Whether you are getting back in shape or getting in better shape, you can strengthen your core and improve abs with this versatile equipment.Hold the ball out in front of you with your feet hip-distance apart. (A) With arms straight, bring the ball down to your thighs. (B) Bend your elbows and curl the ball up to eye level. (C) Press the ball up at a 45-degree angle until your arms are fully extended.

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This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.Description: If you own or are buying a yoga ball in any size, you will need to buy a hand pump or foot pump to inflate your new fitness toy.This is the maximum amount of weight your exercise ball can support.

The pump that came with it is flimsy, but it does the job and that is what is important.This video tutorial shows a simple technique for how to make your own pump.

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These exercise balls are burst resistant (can sustain 60 lbs. per square inch) Gym ball set includes ball and inflation pump.

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This hand pump is good to inflate exercise, gym or other small inflatables like hoppers, hopper horse, etc.

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Wacces Anti-burst Fitness Ball is a useful addition to your fitness routine.

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The exercise ball fabricated by DynaPro is one of the top choices for fitness balls.

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These muscles support your spine and help to take the burden of weight off the spine.

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An exercise ball is effective because it creates a sense of instability during use.

Most floor pumps have a self storage clip on the side of the steel or aluminum barrel -- the part of the floor pump that forces the air into your ball.You may adjust the inflation level of the ball depending on the results that you aim to achieve.

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Improve Core Strength and Balance with the Best Stability Balls from Performance Systems Both sports and conditioning professionals and physical therapists know that stability balls are incredibly useful for a wide variety of physical fitness and rehabilitation tasks.An exercise ball is a portable device that can act as a total body gym when inflated with air.Incline Fit 65cm Anti-Burst Yoga Exercise Ball with Pump and Ball Base, Black.

Exercise balls -- also known as physioballs, Swiss balls, or fit balls -- are large, vinyl balls you can use to strengthen and stretch your body, improving core stability and balance.Even sitting on the springy surface provides a challenge in itself.

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Winado 65cm Exercise Yoga Balance Ball Anti-Burst Fitness Stability Training with Air Pump for Pilates Workouts, Home Gym, Red.Standard Foot Pump for Exercise Balls- Pump up your yoga ball with ease.