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The Red laser pointer is the grandfather of all those latest amazing discoveries like the blue laser pointer, violet and pink.

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Go Green Green lasers are far brighter than red lasers, especially in daylight.

Also, the optics required to produce green light versus red light result in better beam characteristics and a more concentrated and visible spot of light.

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The popular red laser has a wavelength of 650 nanometers, that our eyes perceives in the visible spectrum as red.New Christmas Laser Light Projector Features: Plug and play - no difficult installation Waterproof design for safe use outdoors Red and green laser lights Enhance the atmosphere of your house this.A green laser beam is going to look brighter because our eyes are more sensitive to green light. True. But the OP's question was not about which appears brighter, it was which can burn paper faster.

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The common red laser pointer is a diode laser, really just a special type of transistor, or diode.Your house will be under the spotlight in your entire neighborhood and the spirit of Christmas will be visible across your whole street.

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The human eye has evolved to see the color green better than any other color in the light spectrum, which is why a green laser appears brighter in ambient light - such as bright sunlight - conditions than a.

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Two characteristics of laser light contribute to the hazard: Laser light can be emitted in a tight beam that does not grow in size at a distance from the laser.Both reasons contribute to the fact that pilots and many others generally seem to prefer green over red, it simply makes it easier to see and read in the dark cockpit.

Cover about 600 square feet areas, offers a lovely atmosphere for your Christmas.I just picked up a trio of laser pointers (red, green, and blue), and I notice that when I project them, the red and the blue appear to be dimmer to my eye than the green one.

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Green light, because of its wavelength, is easier to see than red light. (That being said, in most cases our red laser line is easy to see) (That being said, in most cases our red laser line is easy to see).

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Thousands of shimmering red and green dots emit from the laser light and rotating on the wall, ceiling or lawn.Find the Full W Green Light you need at prices you want, large inventory of discount Full W Green Light, plus reviews and ratings.