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Like the straw, it takes a little while to get going, but after a little persuasion by squeezing the bladder clean water soon starts to flow out of the filter.Straw type water filters are a perfect option as portable water filters in most conditions.

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Features Two-layer filtration Filter Accuracy: 0.01 micron!...If you want a water filter that is widely deployable in different configurations and reduces chlorine, odors, and bad tastes, then the Lifestraw Flex with its activated carbon capsule is really the best alternative compared to the Sawyer Mini, Squeeze, Katadyn BeFree, and AquaMira Filters.I have several methods for making suspect water safe at home as well as while traveling.

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Using this filter, you can drink water from doubtful sources such as sewers, potholes, ponds, running waters and pretty much any source you can think of.

A water filter straw is a basic survival tool which can allow someone to drink straight from a natural water source safely.Taking long day trips across miles of trails, paths and barely there short cuts.The OxGord Aqua Marine Personal Water Filter Purifier Straw is your portable water purification survival kit for emergency use.The Life Straw will filter up to 1000L of water, while the Aquamira filters up to 380L (though you can get replacement filters to keep the bottle going longer).In fact, the device is just as efficient as the VitalityStraw water filter straw.

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As the name suggests, such filters consist of a cylindrical plastic or steel tube, which is about 1 inch in diameter.

The LifeStraw Water Filter is a 2 oz straw-style water filter that you drink through.

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This water bottle filter is also able to remove 99.99 percent of bacteria and protozoans and can filter water from most sources.Water tasted the same whether drinking from the cup or through the LifeStraw.Vestergaard has been an innovator in the world of safe and effective portable water filtration with their products for personal use, all the way up to filtering enough water for a small village.

Originally designed to provide easy access to clean drinking water for people in Third World countries, this filter is an emergency water treatment method that can also work in the backcountry.

This water filter straw is ideal for emergency and outdoor use.

It will filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria as well as 99.9% of waterborne protozoa.Over the last few years, it seems almost everyone has been trying to capitalize on the need for a small and reliable water filter that is as budget friendly as possible.The Lifestraw, whose glowing Amazon reviews leave me endlessly perplexed.On average, straw filters are lighter and cost less than pump or gravity filters, but they are functional in limited environments, such as when water is readily available and no storage of water (for cooking or drinking later, for example) is needed.However, SteriPen has a much larger capacity, and it can go for 300 discharge cycles on a single charge, which is close to 15,000 liters purified.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Review - Do you plan to hike or backpack this summer.A filtering capability of 0.1 microns means the filter straw can filter out whatever dirty, yucky stuff appears in your water while on your travels.

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When it comes to water filter straws, the name of the game here is the level of microns it can filter out.

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An essential item when you are an active person who loves hiking, backpacking, camping etc. is a water bottle containing a filter and straw.

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This mini water filter is just a little bit bigger than most straw models.The straw water filter leaves your water tasting as water should.

To use as just a water filter straw, remove straw from cap, gently press blue straw mouth piece onto straw. Begin use.

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The Lifestraw Flex is an excellent choice for an on-the-go water filter that is compact and light.Water filters can be simple carafes to faucet-mounted or undersink models—each can remove harmful contaminants.The Lifestraw is a water filter in the shape of a large straw that will filter out bacteria, protozoa and other sediment.